About Roleplay in the Cygnus Galaxy

Traverse Cygnus as a Cygnian. For those bold enough to explore the galaxy and return to tell the tale, grand adventure and glory and awaits!

The Roleplay category has been created for Cygnians currently occupying Milky-Wayan corporeal forms. Life across the universe can be played out here, and you are free to be yourself.

Share your adventures as you experience them, your glorious tales of daring escapades, your histories, your recollections of home planets and favored solar systems. Because Cygnus is a vast and diverse galaxy, the stories contained within are as countless as its stars and nebulae.

Adventure awaits, Cygnian!

Fine print: All properties, names, characters and places belonging to Longplay Games are being licensed for non-commercial use on this board only. Any user posts are under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA

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RP basics:

  • Each player should start a thread introducing their character.
  • Interact with each other’s characters and settings - use private messages to coordinate if you plan to do anything big with them.
  • Co-writing is highly encouraged! Join together with your fellow Cygnians to spin bigger and better stories.
  • Tag anything that’s NSFW, please.
  • Have fun!

Basic Info about the Cygnus Galaxy
There are 4 main player species, but you can invent any species you like. In this distant galaxy, the only real limitations are your imagination. It’s a big galaxy, and you’re welcome to run far afield!