Alpha 1 Feedback Thread

Alpha 1 is out!
Please drop bugs, comments, things you love/hate here please.

Announcement post: Alpha 1 - Smugglers of Cygnus - Early Access by Longplay Games

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Addressed a small bug where the control info window was left turned off.
It should now show up.

Another bug rearding the “menu” keyboard key on Linux was reported. I have confirmed this does indeed cause a freeze, but will need to dig into the cause.

Next patch will include the first bits of localization - starting with the control info.

Huge thanks to Serge LE TYRANT for the translation. He maintains the awesome linux gaming resource where you can find info on tons of linux-friendly apps and games.

I also fixed the menu bug. Both of these will be in a small update in the next day or two.

Very large bug relating to the scale of the delivery collisions fixed, will be in the next patch.
Working on a bug where mission/job completion will loop and give infinite completions.

Several bugs fixed, devlog here:

So far it appears that ‘Ship Handling’ is in the lead for votes on the Patreon.
I’m preparing to undertake the first big handling tweak since we started the Godot port, so please bear with me while it happens.

Ship handling patch is out now:

Give it a shot and let me know how it is

Alpha 1 Patch 3 update stream:

Quick poll: Which term do you like better?

What should we call the place where you land/depart?
  • Hangar Bay
  • Flight Deck
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I like hangar because it’s enclosed in the pictures. Flight deck sounds like it’s open.

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