CPR: Tournament of Champions!

October 31st the Tournament of Champions kicks off!

Eight of the best racers ever to pilot a Cygnus Pizza ship will compete in brutal head-to-head races to find the ultimate champion!
Starting October 18th, you get to vote for the tracks they will race on, and you can use your patreon votes to shake up the brackets… and then October 31st the race is on. Only one racer will take home the Tourney Champion Hat, only one racer will get the paid voice role in Smugglers of Cygnus, and only one racer will win physical Deluxe Edition of Smugglers of Cygnus!

The race for the best of the best kicks off as each race is done as a live best of 5 head to head racing series.
The racers will be setting up a time that’s good for them to do the live head-to-head over the month of November, with the finals being the end of December.
Stay tuned for race dates!

Meet the Champions:

racer portrait
HourADayGamer has retired to the wealth and prestige of the intergalactic sports commentator circuit after his two back-to-back wins. He’ll be back for the Tournament of Champions , but don’t worry, I’m sure he will post his insight (and track times) to inspire the other racers this month. As a retired champion, he was in a position to help refine the track and help us prepare it for the big event.
Catch his streams on twitch!

racer portrait
Indiana Crohns , the man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit . He took the tracks by storm in the April tourney, with a fiery win on track 13. He will be back to claim the ultimate prize in the Tournament of Champions - but don’t worry, he will also share his encouragement, critiques, and phenomenal track times with this month’s racers!
Come hang out and see his amazing plague doctor masks on Twitch

racer portrait
Purple Thiccmin is an indie variety streamer and speedrunner with a penchant for precision and a hunger for victory that was barely appeased when he planted @GardenOfIndie on May’s Track 14. Sure to have plenty of tips for fellow racers this month!
Catch his speed running skills on Twitch or on Glimesh!

racer portrait
Cardboard Tier is a dog-loving beard enthusiast with huge streaming skills and excellent race form. He put in great times every month finally climbing to victory on June’s fast and furious Track 15. He has at last proved to everyone that when it comes to racing, his tier is Epic.
Check him out on Twitch!

racer portrait
Commodore L1L F3LL4 is part wyvern, part man, part myth, and all speed. Tireless in his promotion of his fellow indies, he and his wife form an amazing team chasing the ultimate glory: the Cygnus Pizza hat. After an amazing victory in July where he wasn’t satisfied with winning just 3 races out of 5, but wanted to win the whole pie, he’s here now to help encourage the future champs.
Watch L1L_F3LL4 on twitch!

racer portrait
SnakeEyes319 is part ninja, part indie streamer, and part Racer X. He came to this tourney to deliver pizzas and chew gum, and when he ran out of gum there was nothing left to do but win.
Catch his great relaxed streams on Twitch!

racer portrait
EpicSyringe said it best in his bio:
“I’m a variety streamer with an emphasis on bodying bosses. And this month, I’ll be bodying the bosses of CPR. I heard they were tough, but I’m epicness incarnate. And nothing gets the better of me. You best be prepared Cyprus, the absolute legend has arrived!” He most certainly delivered last month, when he beat the leaderboard topping @FadedKamui in the nail-biting final! Now he’s a force to be reckoned in the final Tournament.
Follow him on Twitch to see the legend unfold!

racer portrait
Commodore FadedKamui is a huge supporter of indie games and a great streamer who streams on Glimesh . He has proclaimed his intent to dominate the tournament so be prepared for him to leave all of his great manners and niceness by the wayside - that’s just extra mass when he’s coming for the Pizza!

Watch his streams over on Glimesh and be prepared for a chill time.


Best of luck gents. I expect this race to be quite a thing to see.


Remember to vote now for your favorite tracks!
With no qualifier needed for the Tournament of Champions, the top voted track will be first, followed by the second highest voted track.
Voting CLOSES FOREVER on October 31st!

Choose your 2 favorite tracks for the tournament:
  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 4
  • Track 5
  • Track 6
  • Track 7
  • Track 8
  • Track 9
  • Track 10
  • Track 11
  • Track 12
  • Track 13
  • Track 14
  • Track 15
  • Track 16
  • Track 17
  • Track 18
  • Track 19

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Let’s meet the tracks!

Level 1 , the CPF Single Topping. A simple and fast oval race track:

Level 2 , Solaxis Track 1. This is a winding track through the sunny sands with a few popups and curves:

Level 3 , Klaatu Omega Track 1. The harsh light of the gas giant casts a blue light on this winding and technical track:

Level 4 , CPF Mega with Everything. A super tight track inside the hangar bay of a ship of the mammoth pizza delivery fleet:

Level 5 , Solaxis Track 2. Back to Solaxis for a race across red sands with long straightaways for very high speeds and a few tight turns to keep you on your toes:

Level 6 , Solaxis Track 3. Winding, complicated curves interspersed with breakneak straightaways make a track where one mistake can make or break your race:

Level 7 , Klaatu Omega Track 2. Hairpin turns and elevation changes require precision control of the turbo and airbrakes:

Level 8 , Solaxis Track 4. The lead you build in the corkscrew can be lost in a moment on the tight switchback climb to the summit:

Level 9 , the Mathesar Belt. Dodging asteroids and attempting to collect toppings in the cockpit of the fastest ship in the Cygnus Pizza Delivery Fleet is a huge challenge, and a moment’s lapse can result in a humiliating 50 point run:

Level 10 , the dreaded Proteinosphere. Designed as a test track for handling and performance, this track barely clings to the surface of an asteroid and requires absolute concentration and mastery to cross the line with even one topping:

Level 11 , Polaris Track 1. The first exciting track of Season 2, this is a high-speed dash through a snowy landscape with a few light curves and one extreme hairpin where races are won or lost:

Level 12, Polaris Track 2. The qualifying track for the April tournament and the second track of Season 2, this arcade-inspired track has a shortcut, a jump, and some pretty rough surprises in store for the unwary! Proceed with caution and all speed!

Level 13, Vulcan. The final track of the April tourney, this race track is all about timing and awareness. Racing on a live volcano on a newly formed planet is too hot for most!

Level 14, Luminos Station. This track on the beautiful but very popular luxury station orbiting the beautiful vacation planet Luminos, in the stunning Vita System is a bit congested with traffic.

Level 15 Luminos Track 1. Luminos, Jewel of the Vita System has a fantastic track with some great sights, but it seems that the hatch has been left off the maintenance tunnel.

Level 16 Giordano. Giordano is the luxury low-G vacation destination and fun spa known for its junior pizza race track and the wild low gravity hijinks that people love to engage in. If you venture into the huge parking garage, remember where you parked!

Level 17 Orion. The mineral and material rich asteroid belt provides ample opportunities for pilots to showcase their precise piloting as they handle this incredibly challenging track.

Level 18 Stadium Track 1. This Stadium track is the first in the Championship series and the first to take place in a prepped arena. Prepare for an audience-wowing technical showdown in the fastest ship approved for atmospheric use!

Level 19 Stadium Track 2. This Stadium track is the second in the Championship series and the first with obstacles! Prepare for the fastest ship approved for atmospheric use, and get ready to dodge some boulders!


And now - the bracket you’ve all been waiting for…

The brackets are closed, the shuffles ended October 31st, and we have our races!

First Shuffle by @JustJess
Second Shuffle by @Tertiarymap
Third Shuffle by @L1L_F3LL4
Fourth Shuffle by @SnakeEyes319
Fifth Shuffle by @HourADayGamer


Rooting for you champs!


Only 8 hours left to get votes and shuffles in!


The first tournaments are coming up!

@EpicSyringe vs @IndianaCrohns:
November 19th at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific
Indiana Crohns on Twitch
Epic Syringe on Twitch

@SnakeEyes319 vs @HourADayGamer:
November 20th at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central:
Hour on Twitch
SnakeEyes on Twitch

@FadedKamui vs @CardboardTier:
November 21st at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific
FadedKamui on Glimesh
CardboardTier on Twitch

@L1L_F3LL4 vs @PurpleThicccmin:
November 22nd at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific
PurpleThicccmin on Glimesh
L1L_F3LL4 on Twitch

Mark your calendars!


@IndianaCrohns vs @EpicSyringe:

Epic will be moving on to the semifinals!


RIGHT NOW @HourADayGamer and @SnakeEyes319 are going for the Semi-Final bracket placement . . .

First Race to SnakeEyes319!

Second Race to SnakeEyes319 by less than a tenth of a second!

Third Race to HourADayGamer!

And SnakeEyes319’s stream crashed during a temporary breather break!

And then Twitch is a b***h:

And fourth race to SnakeEyes319:

Thank you, Champions!


Today’s amazing race went to @FadedKamui


Today’s the races went to @L1L_F3LL4!


I see @EpicSyringe is throwing down a gauntlet for the semifinals!


Always haha. I shall become victorious!


First semi-final race coming up!
@SnakeEyes319 vs @FadedKamui December 4th at 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern

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Second semi-final race:
@L1L_F3LL4 vs @EpicSyringe, tentatively scheduled for December 8th at 7pm Eastern

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3:0 win by @FadedKamui!


3:1 win by @EpicSyringe!

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@EpicSyringe vs @FadedKamui tonight at 4pm Pacific and 7pm Eastern!

Faded Kamui on Glimesh
EpicSyringe on Twitch

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And that was the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

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