Cygnus Pizza Race April Tournament Time!

Welcome to the April Tournament! Another month, another new track, another shot at a great competition, prizes, and loads of trash talk.

For beings just joining us, let’s go over the rules:

  • Post below or contact us on twitter to sign up
  • Share the track list below so that everyone can vote on tracks for the racers to compete on. They will be run in the order of votes . 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tracks will be run in that order, etc.
  • There will be a kick off stream on Saturday morning that will open the challenge. At that point, just go into Settings → Reset Track Times, as it’ll be easier to collect your track times.
  • Race those tracks all you want , and get those great race times! Make sure to screenshot your times.
  • Post your best times for the tracks to twitter/this thread. At least to one of these for it to count!
  • FINAL TIMES FOR ALL TRACKS must be posted by Sunday Morning, 10am Eastern Time.
  • The FINALISTS will be contacted to arrange a costream Sunday (at a mutually good time), and then the final race is a head-to-head costream, best out of 5 … on the brand new track!
  • Due to the odd number of entrants, the top 16 times on the qualifying track 12 (Polaris 2) will go to the semifinals to race in the bracketed competition.

What good is a contest without prizes?

Well, here’s what you’re competing for!

  • Every official contestant gets stickers only available to tourney racers.
  • The finalists both get a cool poster of Cygnus Pizza Race.
  • The winner gets an official Cygnus Pizza Race hat, as seen in game (and not for sale), an in-game decal for their ship (of their own graphic), a pizza, and automatic entry into the Tournament of Champions where they will compete for a paid voice role in Smugglers of Cygnus .

Good luck Pizza Pilots!


Let’s meet the tracks!

Level 1 , the CPF Single Topping. A simple and fast oval race track:

Level 2 , Solaxis Track 1. This is a winding track through the sunny sands with a few popups and curves:

Level 3 , Klaatu Omega Track 1. The harsh light of the gas giant casts a blue light on this winding and technical track:

Level 4 , CPF Mega with Everything. A super tight track inside the hangar bay of a ship of the mammoth pizza delivery fleet:

Level 5 , Solaxis Track 2. Back to Solaxis for a race across red sands with long straightaways for very high speeds and a few tight turns to keep you on your toes:

Level 6 , Solaxis Track 3. Winding, complicated curves interspersed with breakneak straightaways make a track where one mistake can make or break your race:

Level 7 , Klaatu Omega Track 2. Hairpin turns and elevation changes require precision control of the turbo and airbrakes:

Level 8 , Solaxis Track 4. The lead you build in the corkscrew can be lost in a moment on the tight switchback climb to the summit:

Level 9 , the Mathesar Belt. Dodging asteroids and attempting to collect toppings in the cockpit of the fastest ship in the Cygnus Pizza Delivery Fleet is a huge challenge, and a moment’s lapse can result in a humiliating 50 point run:

Level 10 , the dreaded Proteinosphere. Designed as a test track for handling and performance, this track barely clings to the surface of an asteroid and requires absolute concentration and mastery to cross the line with even one topping:

Level 11 , Polaris Track 1. The first exciting track of Season 2, this is a high-speed dash through a snowy landscape with a few light curves and one extreme hairpin where races are won or lost:

Level 12, Polaris Track 2. The qualifying track for the April tournament and the second track of Season 2, this arcade-inspired track has a shortcut, a jump, and some pretty rough surprises in store for the unwary! Proceed with caution and all speed!

Remember to vote now for your favorite tracks!

Choose your 4 favorite tracks for the tournament:
  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 4
  • Track 5
  • Track 6
  • Track 7
  • Track 8
  • Track 9
  • Track 10
  • Track 11

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@Indiana_Crohns is out here preparing for that qualifying time on track 12 already!



Thanks to @Indiana_Crohns for the help finding a small track bug!

Now commemorated with a little track graffiti, like Angelbee :slight_smile:


New update going in today with a few fixes. Everything is ready for the tourney now!
Cygnus Pizza Race - Update notes for - Steam News (


Before we intro the racers, let’s take a look at some of the cool prizes!
This month’s prizes include

  • Stickers for every racer who wants some
    image image

  • Both finalists get a poster

  • The winner gets a unique hat, just like the one worn by the in-game commentator

  • An in-game race decal on your car (based on your personal logo)

  • A free pizza on us (This is the best reason to compete! Who doesn’t love pizza?)

  • A spot in the tournament of champions for a shot at a paid voice role in Smugglers of Cygnus


Said post below to enter the tournament, so here I am posting below to enter the tournament.


Fantastic! I’ll add you to the group on twitter if you like :slight_smile:


Add me if not too late. Sorry for not realizing it was here.


You’re absolutely in! Thanks for confirming


This month, we have a new MC!
racer portrait
HourADayGamer has retired to the wealth and prestige of the intergalactic sports commentator circuit after his two back-to-back wins. He’ll be back for the Tournament of Champions, but don’t worry, I’m sure he will post his insight (and track times) to inspire the other racers this month. As a retired champion, he was in a position to help refine the April track and help us prepare it for the big event.
Catch his streams on twitch!

Now once again, it’s time to MEET THE RACERS!

First, the veterans:
racer portrait
StefenGalaxy (Don’t call me Stephen) is a long time evening streamer who loves popping balloons and playing retro and indie games. He’s every bit as serious a podium chasing racing fanatic as his glamourous portrait suggests, and thinks nothing of dunking on opponents with his vast soundboard.
You can watch StefenGalaxy on twitch!

racer portrait
Thales Guimarães, often called by his fans the Paganini of Pizza and the Beethoven of Breadsticks enjoys trash talking opponents and wearing heavy coats. He has a natural advantage on cold weather tracks, but really joined the tournament just to visit the sun-baked plains of Solaxis.
Check out his awesome music at

racer portrait
HankTheHippy has an easy-going approach to life, but he’s laser focused on the track. Losing to @HourADayGamer in January by under 2 seconds, and being barely edged out of the March tourney, HankTheHippy hungers for a title almost as much as a hot fresh slice of danger. With his new Team Captain Cinco at his side, he’s a racer to watch.
You can catch his max-chill streams on twitch!

racer portrait
Sten Pett is a racer with a passion for precision and a dynamic daredevil who will stop at nothing to accomplish his twin goals in life: total pizza domination, and making it run on Linux. An avid obsolete software collector and metal enthusiast, he is entirely in it for the hat.
You could follow Sten, but he’d rather you didn’t.

racer portrait
IndieGameiacs is a podcaster, streamer, reviewer, indie journalist and beard hobbyist with a one track mind. He posts fast times while sipping on refreshing custom tea blends that he will share… for a price.
You can follow Indiegamiacs on Twitch or on YouTube!

racer portrait
Judo Cruise loves streaming indie games, cheering, and destroying other racers with his flair and infinite screen stare. Nobody can touch his lap times or his hair, and he intends to cruise by the competition while dropping memes like bits. That prize pizza is as good as his!
Catch his exciting high-energy streams on twitch!

racer portrait
Jim G King Some say he’s the heir to Rick Flair, others say he’s the man who cried when Michael Jordan took up golf. The thing we all need to find out is how hungry is he for victory?
Catch his awesome streams on Twitch

racer portrait
Chaoticfear19 is a passionate reviewer and indie game player often seen on the better twitch streams, or leaving well-thought-out reviews. His calm demeanor hides a ravenous competitor who will stop at nothing to decimate detractors and reach the pinnacle of pizza perfection.
Check out his great reviews on Youtube

racer portrait
Ap0calypticCheese’s sweet cuddly persona, like the firm golden brown crust of a perfectly spherical Cygnus Pizza, hides an interior of molten awesome. When not destroying aliens as Master Chef or promoting charities, Ap0calypticCheese practices in secret. Memorizing every turn, every boost, every press of the accelerator.
Watch his amazing streams on Twitch

racer portrait
HammersmithOn dispenses spicy advice and hot takes while topping the competition through pure determination. Losing last month’s tourney at the very last moment by just a tiny bit has inspired him to come back, better than ever.
Don’t miss his streams on Twitch

racer portrait
L1L F3LL4 is part wyvern, part man, part myth, and all speed. Tireless in his promotion of his fellow indies, he and his wife form an amazing team chasing the ultimate glory: the Cygnus Pizza hat. Will they take home the prize, or have to buy their own pizza?
Watch them on Twitch to see!

racer portrait
Indiana Crohns, the man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. He is hoping to take home the ultimate prize, and possibly a sponsored dictionary. One word this racing dynamo won’t have to look up is fast, because he will not rest until he’s setting galactic records on every track!
Come hang out and see his amazing plague doctor masks on Twitch

racer portrait
CaptainOatsTV may be Canadian, but he’s not sorry about how much heat he’s about to drop on the track. He’s about to trade up from a pizza planet to a pizza galaxy hat.
Watch his great variety streams on Twitch

racer portrait
GardenOfIndie is new to streaming, but he’s no stranger to intense racing! After dismissing the famed Proteinosphere as too easy and obliterating some of Season 1’s best tracks, he decided that it was time for a real challenge. Armed only with precision and a feline chewbacca, he’s going all the way. Only two people have a gold trophy on the dreaded track 10, and the other one has just retired. Is there anything else these two racers will have in common soon?
Check out his late night stream and help him reach affiliate on Twitch

racer portrait
TheLamppostGaming is the light at the end of the track! He’s so fast, he’s been known to hand over the controls to his daughter mid-race to give others an even chance. That all ends once the tournament starts, he’ll be taking no prisoners. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, he’ll keep the light on for you in the winner’s circle.
Don’t miss Lamp’s streams on Twitch

racer portrait
Miguel Portillo develops amazing games and amazing beard care products… when he’s not laying down mind-blowing track times! In the battle of the beards, only one bearded warrior can emerge supreme, but who will it be?
As long as they’re using scented pixel, pizza and victory will smell amazing.
Check out Miguel Portillo’s games on Itch, and his great beard products on his site


racer portrait
Cardboard Tier is a dog-loving beard enthusiast with huge streaming skills and excellent race form. He’s joined this month’s rookies, ready to put the smack down on all comers. When it comes to racing, his tier is epic.
Check him out on Twitch!

racer portrait
ReadySetIndieGames never rests in her support of indie games and delivers excellent weekly indie game minutes, and now she’s about to deliver the fastest times on the track! The competition may be fierce, but ReadySet is fiercer.
Make sure to tune into her late night Twitch streams for up-to-the-minute games

racer portrait
Dan Van Dam is an GOG stream team and indie variety streamer who dreams of blue turtles even more than Sting, and reigns supreme in his competitive races. He’s ready to bring that winning streak to a real challenge - pizza delivery! Can his precision on the rainbow road translate to track domination in the Cygnus galaxy, or will he be sent back hatless? Only time will tell!
Watch his great streams on Twitch!

racer portrait
MFG James has had Master Chef scouting ahead in order to give him the latest scoops and strategies on tracks, but when it comes down to the final races, he’ll be pitting his own speed and determination to win against the field. The question he poses to his competitors is simple… do you feel lucky?
Keep up with Monster Finger Games on their site, and check out Alien Scumbags on Steam! Don’t forget to order a pizza while you’re there. :pizza::

racer portrait
Purple Thiccmin is an indie variety streamer with a penchant for precision and a hunger for victory. He dominates the platformers, but can he secure a place on the podium? One thing we know for sure is that his warm-up times make him a rookie sensation!
Catch his variety stream on Twitch

racer portrait
Sinauthor is a writer and scientist by day, racer and streamer by night. He has been keeping his track times top secret so far, but it would be safe to assume he has been meticulously tuning and tweaking, ready to explode onto the scene.
You can find him streaming fun indie game on Twitch

racer portrait
keeps the laid back vibes on his stream, but when he deploys his custom race glasses, you know he means business. He will be bringing his phenomenal attention to detail and shark-like speed to the track, and leave his competitors high and dry.
Catch his podcast and stream on twitch.

racer portrait
Angel Star Studios may be the biggest racer on the track, but he just wants to compete to win the pizza, because he’s always hungry. For Victory!
Check out their studio or their games on Steam!

racer portrait
Nekobun can be found over on Twitch every weeknight at 9:30 PM Eastern time, playing things from all across the gaming spectrum. While the schedule varies week to week, Tuesdays consistently dip into the spookier side of things, and Wednesdays are all about racing. Most everything’s archived in Twitch playlists if you can’t catch him live, and his YouTube has archives going even further back. He also cohosts the Hot Blooded Challenger Club’s Sonic-centric Gotta Go Cast, as their resident Big The Cat appreciator and Sonic R apologist. Be careful out on the track, as nekobun likes his (digital) racing like he likes his pizza: with a few beers.


These are always so fun! I wish I had the time to stream, I’d race for sure.


Always awesome to see @Indiana_Crohns putting up awesome times when he can barely even see


Those Track 12 qualifier times are starting to come in, with @ReadySetIndieGames:
Ready Set Indie Games Cygnus Pizza Race Track 12 - YouTube

Is 3:32 enough to be in the top 16? We don’t know yet, but it sure seems a great place to start!

Track 4: 1:20:60

Track 8: 3:45:44 with a perfect score no less! Style points

Track 11: 1:35:11


Also up, DanVanDam’s Track 12 qualifier time: 3:36:92

Coming to track 8 with 3:29:48

And Track 4 with 1:21:12

Track 11 time: 1:33:04


@PurpleThicccmin coming in hot on the qualifier with 2:48:92!

Cygnus Pizza Race: PurpleThiccmin Responds to Indiana_Crohns_ With a Sub 2:51 Time on Track 12 - Twitch

And chipping away with 2:47:64!


Some warm up times from @GardenOfIndie on Track 12: 2:59:24 is a nice solid showing


Stephen Galaxy bringing in his track 12 qualifying time of 3:16:06

Track 11: 1:17:03

Track 4: 1:01:91

Track 8: 3:14:91


Track 12 Qualifying Times:

  1. @PurpleThicccmin: 2:45:66
  2. @IndianaCrohns: 02:48:07
  3. @HIPPY: 2:52:03
  4. @GardenOfIndie: 2:53:24
  5. @AngelStarStudios: 2:56:83
  6. @L1L_F3LL4: 2:58:07
  7. @nekobun 2:58:75
  8. @Monsterfingergames 3:05:56
  9. @CardboardTier 3:06:35
  10. @ChaoticFear19 3:07:32
  11. @Hammersmith 3:08:17
  12. StefenGalaxy: 3:16:06
  13. @ReadySetIndieGames: 3:32:64
  14. LuisIpa07: 4:48:73
  15. DanVanDam: 4:50:91

Track 11 Times

  1. @PurpleThicccmin: 1:05:88
  2. @HIPPY: 1:06:14
  3. @IndianaCrohns: 1:08:92
  4. @ChaoticFear19 1:09:47
  5. @L1L_F3LL4: 1:10:42
  6. @GardenOfIndie: 1:11:52
  7. @AngelStarStudios: 1:12:52
  8. @Hammersmith: 1:13:94
  9. @CardboardTier 1:15:19
  10. StefenGalaxy: 1:17:03
  11. @Monsterfingergames 1:17:72
  12. @nekobun: 1:18:79
  13. DanVanDam: 1:33:04
  14. ReadySetIndieGames: 1:35:11
  15. LuisIpa07: 1:36:16

Track 8 Times

  1. @PurpleThicccmin: 2:55:16
  2. @HIPPY: 2:55:28
  3. @IndianaCrohns: 3:04:92
  4. @GardenOfIndie: 3:06:96
  5. @CardboardTier 3:07:48
  6. @L1L_F3LL4: 3:07:61
  7. @AngelStarStudios: 3:12:52
  8. @nekobun 3:12:88
  9. @ChaoticFear19 3:13:10
  10. @Monsterfingergames 3:13:12
  11. StefenGalaxy: 3:14:91
  12. @Hammersmith: 3:15:00
  13. DanVanDam: 3:29:48
  14. LuisIpa07: 3:44:60
  15. ReadySetIndieGames: 3:45:44

Track 4 Times

  1. @PurpleThicccmin: 00:56:38
  2. @HIPPY: 00:56:99
  3. @IndianaCrohns: 00:58:08
  4. @GardenOfIndie: 1:00:06
  5. @AngelStarStudios: 1:00:08
  6. @ChaoticFear19 1:00:24
  7. @L1L_F3LL4: 1:00:60
  8. StefenGalaxy: 1:01:91
  9. @Monsterfingergames: 1:02:19
  10. @CardboardTier 1:03:82
  11. @nekobun 1:03:92
  12. @Hammersmith: 1:07:48
  13. @ReadySetIndieGames: 1:20:60
  14. LuisIpa07: 1:20:68
  15. DanVanDam: 1:21:12