Cygnus Pizza Race January Tournament!

Now in the books: The first ever Cygnus Pizza Race Season 2 tourney!

Eight awesome folks signed up to compete for the grand prize - a free pizza (and all sorts of bragging rights) in our first ever tournament battle.
Three different tracks were picked by poll.
Pairings were decided randomly.
Track records are being compared, and we’ll be posting the streams, the highlights, and the scores!

Season Two: January Tournament! :: Cygnus Pizza Race General Discussions (


Vote now for your race track choice!
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tracks will be run in that order:

Pick your favorite 3 tracks
  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Level 5
  • Level 6
  • Level 7
  • Level 8
  • Level 9
  • Level 10
  • Level 11

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Let’s meet the tracks!

Level 1, the CPF Single Topping. A simple and fast oval race track:

Level 2, Solaxis Track 1. This is a winding track through the sunny sands with a few popups and curves:

Level 3, Klaatu Omega Track 1. The harsh light of the gas giant casts a blue light on this winding and technical track:

Level 4, CPF Mega with Everything. A super tight track inside the hangar bay of a ship of the mammoth pizza delivery fleet:

Level 5, Solaxis Track 2. Back to Solaxis for a race across red sands with long straightaways for very high speeds and a few tight turns to keep you on your toes:

Level 6, Solaxis Track 3. Winding, complicated curves interspersed with breakneak straightaways make a track where one mistake can make or break your race:

Level 7, Klaatu Omega Track 2. Hairpin turns and elevation changes require precision control of the turbo and airbrakes:

Level 8, Solaxis Track 4. The lead you build in the corkscrew can be lost in a moment on the tight switchback climb to the summit:

Level 9, the Mathesar Belt. Dodging asteroids and attempting to collect toppings in the cockpit of the fastest ship in the Cygnus Pizza Delivery Fleet is a huge challenge, and a moment’s lapse can result in a humiliating 50 point run:

Level 10, the dreaded Proteinosphere. Designed as a test track for handling and performance, this track barely clings to the surface of an asteroid and requires absolute concentration and mastery to cross the line with even one topping:

Level 11, Polaris Track 1. The first exciting track of Season 2, this is a high-speed dash through a snowy landscape with a few light curves and one extreme hairpin where races are won or lost:

Remember to vote now for your 3 favorite tracks!:


I can’t wait to see what tracks we’ll be racing! I freakin’ love this tournament idea!!! Good luck everybody!


Welcome!! It’s great to see you on the forums, @HourADayGamer!


Alright folks, it’s time to MEET THE RACERS!

racer portrait
HourADayGamer is a long-time streamer, beard enthusiast and indie supporter who has become a pizza racing juggernaut. He has always dreamed of delivering hot, fresh, perfectly spherical pizzas, but was handicapped by being born in a little regarded wing of the wrong galaxy.
Catch his streams on twitch!

racer portrait
StefenGalaxy (Don’t call me Stephen) is a long time evening streamer who loves popping balloons and playing retro and indie games. He’s every bit as serious a podium chasing racing fanatic as his glamourous portrait suggests, and thinks nothing of dunking on opponents with his vast soundboard.
You can watch StefenGalaxy on twitch!

racer portrait
Thales Guimarães, often called by his fans the Paganini of Pizza and the Beethoven of Breadsticks enjoys trash talking opponents and wearing heavy coats. He has a natural advantage on cold weather tracks, but really joined the tournament just to visit the sun-baked plains of Solaxis.
Check out his awesome music at

racer portrait
HankTheHippy has an easy-going approach to life, but he’s laser focused on the track. Having chased HourADayGamer’s track times in the pre-season, HankTheHippy hungers for vengeance almost as much as a hot fresh slice of danger.
You can catch his max-chill streams on twitch!


racer portrait
Sten Pett is a racer with a passion for precision and a dynamic daredevil who will stop at nothing to accomplish his twin goals in life: total pizza domination, and making it run on Linux. An avid obsolete software collector and metal enthusiast, he is entirely in it for the hat.
You could follow Sten, but he’d rather you didn’t.

racer portrait
IndieGameiacs is a podcaster, streamer, reviewer, indie journalist and beard hobbyist with a one track mind. He came in second in the pre-season, but now he’s back in his trademark teal racer to go beard-to-beard with his number one competitor, HourADayGamer.
You can follow Indiegamiacs on Twitch or on YouTube!

racer portrait
Alexander Trapp is a long-time streamer specializing in indie games and deviousness. His signature race move is taking cautious turns to lull his opponents into aggressive overtakes, and then dropping a sabotage on them! You can’t discount this pro racer whose calm under pressure earned him the nickname “Iceberg Lettuce”.
Keep up with Alexander Trapp on his awesome streams on the finer platforms everywhere.

racer portrait
Judo Cruise loves streaming indie games, cheering, and destroying other racers with his flair and infinite screen stare. Nobody can touch his lap times or his hair, and he intends to cruise by the competition while dropping memes like bits. That prize pizza is as good as his!
Catch his exciting high-energy streams on twitch!


Happy to be here Jess!!!


The voting is closed, the matchups randomized.
Here we GO!!!


Some clips from the races so far:



Current race standings: (Updated!)
Track 11: 01:06:50
Track 4: 00:57:44
Track 7: 01:27:38


Current race standings: (Updated!)
Track 11: 01:09:84
Track 4: 00:55:58
Track 7: 01:27:14


Current race standings:
Track 11: 00:57:74
Track 4: 00:49:35
Track 7: 01:11:08

Alexander Trapp

Track 11: 01:28:95
Track 4: 01:10:95
Track 7: 01:51:12


Track 11: 01:20:63
Track 4: 01:03:84
Track 7: 01:36:56


My times as of tonight. I’ll try to improve them tomorrow.
Track 4: 1:10:96

Track 7: 2:10:86

Track 11: 1:53:75

I’m especially bugged about Track 11…


Thales Guimarães
Current timings:

Track 11 - 01:16:35
Track 4 - 01:03:68
Track 7 - 01:34:08


Here’s my times for the tournament! Thanks for having me in here guys, has been fun! :smiley:

Track 11: 01:18:43
Track 4: 01:04:38
Track 7: 01:42:59


Alright! The tournament is now officially over and I’m going to collect and post all of the final scores, then we’ll update on top there!

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Wow! Congrats to everyone. That looks like an amazing race, I’m sorry I missed it.
Who won?

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We will be announcing that soon! Working on a race wrap up video.

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The stakes just got higher!
Today’s update added the ability for tourney champs to display a custom logo on their ships!