Graphics level poll

Assuming a game has identical gameplay, how much are graphics worth to you?

  • Xbox 360/PS3 Level: $30
  • Xbox One/PS4 Level: $40
  • RTX/8k textures! $60

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Anything more than the current gen is just waste. Indie games aren’t about pure hyper-realism for me.


I liked the middle one, but at this point, I honestly just want it to work on my system.

Though I do like when it’s not super-sharp throughout. The distance needs to be a little blurry to keep focus where it belongs–on the manipulable player object. That said, a fantastic landscape/spacescape is a thing of beauty.

So . . . I do not know.


Middle as well, to me. I don’t particularly care about hyper realism, in fact on occasion if there’s too much detail sometimes it can be a bit daunting to easily and immediately discern things. Though I also am spoiled on nice graphics if it IS a realistic style. Lesser graphics however can be excused if it has a complimentary art style or interesting game play, after all I liked Pulsar: Lost Colony and that almost looks like PS2.