Indie Synthwave bands

Thought I’d kick this off with some links to my favorite Synthwave bands!

Let’s start, of course, with Hexenkraft (who made the music from GYATM, and is making the soundtrack for Smugglers)

Gotta have some Terrordyne!

Glitch Black is an all-time fave

And of course, Scandroid

Do you have some faves? Let’s hear them!


Thank you for sharing these, @RealShadyTrader!

As a novelist, for decades I’ve used music to develop the mood for my own creative works. The efforts of musicians like those you’ve listed lay down the soundtracks not only of writers’ and readers’ lives but of the lives of fictional characters.

In games (and cinema), music is the emotional lifeblood. The story behind the gameplay is enhanced by composers and musicians. Indie science fiction and indie synth are a perfect pairing, and I am grateful to have access to such stellar, moving music to lean on.


I never heard of them. I like music so I will go look!


How did I forget to recommend these guys?

Hatari from Iceland creates a dark, suggestive beat, with influences from just about every genre you can imagine, and manages it all while taking a clear political stance against racism, oppression, and unchecked capitalism. What’s not to like?