Screenshot Thread

I’ll post lots of screenshots here for folks - I know it’s still too early for gamers to have their own, but let’s get the ball rolling :soccer:

Here is a comparison shot between one of our early concepts and the same scene 3 months later


And now that same hallway, in-engine and realtime


Here’s another in-engine shot with our placeholder UI



Here’s one from the new minigame, which is rapidly approaching Alpha.

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A little “where it started” and “where it is now” comparison

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Working on the new ships for Season 2 of Cygnus Pizza Race:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Longplay Games and Indie Imprint!

Some CPR Action shots

Track 13 is now up on Steam, ready and waiting for the April tourney!

The patreon has some new wallpapers up!

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New screenshot of the June track, Track 15:

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