Smugglers of Cygnus Demo News

We’re happy to announce that a free demo for Smugglers of Cygnus will be coming to Steam.

Here are the major points of note to make sure everyone is aware of:

  • The demo will be free
  • The demo will be updating and expanding as we finish parts of the main game or add updates.
  • Player characters, ships, and customizations will transfer into the main game.
  • The demo will be coming well in advance of the main game, so the scope will be reduced.
  • The demo will include voice work by all the principals for the main game as they’re added.
  • Watch this space, and the upcoming patreon, for future updates.
  • The patreon will include special perks, but nothing that’s actually required for the game. Just things like early access, direct input into the game via polls, cosmetics, titles, exclusive ships. Things like that.

Wooooo!!! I can’t wait to see this!!!