Smugglers of Cygnus Update

Coming this Winter - a new concept of Early Access… We’ll be releasing an EA Demo of Smugglers of Cygnus that improves as we approach the full release. As the game matures and adds features, so will the demo - and your save game will transfer!

A few additional bits of news that might be of interest:

  • We’ll be implementing all the major features like leaderboards based on our forum, rather than tying it to any one platform.
  • The Patreon and this forum will contain regular polls and news drops for feedback to help guide development, refinement, and features for Smugglers of Cygnus all through the Early Access phase.
  • People backing the patreon at the $8+ tiers will be getting SoC for free as long as they back prior to release.

If you haven’t checked out the Patreon yet, please do - we can definitely use the help!