Streamers to check out

Are you a streamer, especially one who does variety or indie games?
Toss your link and schedule in here so that we can keep up with your streams!

I’ll start with a couple great streams to check out (by no means an exhaustive list):
@L1L_F3LL4 : Twitch
@SnakeEyes319 : Twitch
@CardboardTier : Twitch
@Chaoticfear19 :
@Cronos : Twitch
@EpicSyringe : Twitch
@GardenOfIndie : Twitch
@IndianaCrohns : Twitch
@KyleHesterActorGuy :

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@ozoned : Owncast

I randomly stream different games and different times. :smiley:

Follow my GoToSocial/Mastodon to know when I go live. I also announce in the Shady Trader Matrix channel. Going to try to start streaming more and uploading the streams to Peertube.


Owncast is so very cool! Hopefully we’ll be able to link to a schedule feed or something, but for now it’s just via ozoned (@[email protected])?

Correct. I don’t know if a schedule thing for Owncast is coming or not. But I basically just stream whenever I can. Maybe some day I can get to a schedule, but with two little kids that’s a bit difficult. :smiley:

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