Super Important Feedback Poll

Hi everyone!

Today I have an extremely important poll for you - and this one is so important that the people who have backed on Patreon are getting twice the voting power. Their votes from the Patreon will be doubled and then added to results from this general access poll.

Right now, we are working on Smugglers of Cygnus as you know, and we’re at a huge fork.

This one is so key, I’ve included screenshots to illustrate the options. I’ve used the slightly brighter screencaps based on the feedback from the forum. All shots are from the current work in progress.

Third Person:

First Person:

Please vote for your favorite and let us know why in the comments!

I want to play Smugglers of Cygnus in:
  • Third Person
  • First Person

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Poll results with combination of Patreon and Forum:

First person wins it by a small margin.
We will be focusing our efforts on the first person experience, which will be very sim-type experience. We will attempt to accommodate 3rd person as well if we can get the funding to do so!

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