World Record Thread (Unofficial WRs for CPR)

Consider this either a starter idea or something which can be edited and improved later or someone else can start a better thread with the same general goal because I and a couple others I’ve talked to would love to have a place to compare and post unofficial “World Record” times for Cygnus Pizza Race so that we can all have something fun to strive for and a central location to find the current best there is!

I suggest we work together to figure out a format or way to do this that’s appealing, sensible, simple to navigate / understand, and just plain fun!

One of my first suggestions is that we include a version number with our records that we’re setting. For example: Track 17 recently had a “glow up” and a couple of adjustments and before hand there was an exploit I used to get a 17.xx second 3-lap time just by circling around the starting gate 3 times in a row. Now that that’s been adjusted, it seems inconceivable to set that as the unofficial WR, because it was done on a previous version of CPR and uses an exploit that is no longer there or has changed.

I welcome all ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to either make this post better or to create another post that’s better to begin with and erasing this one.

Basic layout:

Current CPR Build:

Level 1 - FadedKamui

Level 2 - FadedKamui

Level 3 - FadedKamui

Level 4 - FadedKamui

Level 5 - FadedKamui

Level 6 - FadedKamui

Level 7 - FadedKamui

Level 8 - FadedKamui

Level 9 - FadedKamui

Level 10 -
Level 11 - FadedKamui

Level 12 - FadedKamui

Level 13 - FadedKamui

Level 14 - FadedKamui

Level 15 - FadedKamui

Level 16 - FadedKamui

Level 17 -

Please let me know if anyone else is interested in this and wants to help or improve this idea in any way.

Let’s get out there and set some awesome World Records! :smiley:


Right on!
Come on folks, toss up those unofficial track times :smiley:


Track 15


That’s a great time!


Added to the list! :smiley:


I really want that sub 40 for Level 15! I know I can do it, but it hasn’t come together quite yet.


So, for Level 15 I’ve gotten a 14:5x for lap 1, and a 12:5x for lap 2/3… So that means it SHOULD be possible to hit sub 40… Just need to pull it off and hopefully first! xD


39:90 on Level 15! I’ve done it everyone! :smiley:


That is absolutely phenomenal! WTG!!