Alpha 0 Feedback Thread


Hard to believe it’s here, but it is!
Star Chart Location - On the way to Waypoint 0, “It’s not trash”

  • Gamepad controls now work for running around and flying. Not so much in menus. Press ‘home’, ‘esc’, or the right special button on the gamepad to see the (read only at the moment) control layout.
  • Keyboard controls are WASD for movement, Q/E/Mouse for turning, Z/C for rolling, [ ] for engine power. Remapping is coming.
  • Job board is working, but you can take any job, even if your ship will barely move with it. Stick to the smaller jobs unless you want to go very slow. You’ve been warned…
  • Missions are not available quite yet, as “Bad Luck” Bart is working on damage control right now.
  • Ship browsing works, but doesn’t yet tell you much info about the parts - but hey, they’re free right now!
  • Only 10 shippers have logos so far, LOTS more coming!
  • Only minimal performance tuning has been done so far.
  • Currently intra-system travel is limited to just the one locality.
  • Game music currently is just on the main menu, but if you like it, show Hexenkraft some love:
  • Feedback on the forum is appreciated, you can do so in this thread here or you can join the chat server and tell us directly!
  • Patreon Backers at the $1 and up tiers will get priorty on fixes, feedback and requests. Everyone’s feedback is of interest, however.
  • Support for money, xp, joysticks, missions, remapping, volume, multiplayer, all that and more is coming.

Thank you for coming with us on our journey to release! There’s a year to go, and we’ll be uploading new patches every couple weeks.

Please drop any feedback on Alpha 0 here.


I am downloading the Win-64 version of our Alpha right now off, and I DID see the Linux version just under it nice and neat.

Looking forward to screenshots and feedback!

It’s all downloaded (I added an ALPHA to discern it from others)

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