Current Info on Smugglers

New wallpaper, and new ship class!

This wallpaper is available for everyone on patreon, even the free tier.

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There’s a new poll out on the Patreon:
Which upgrade would you like to see first on the new ship class?

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New Smugglers of Cygnus video up: 4 years in 4 minutes.
A recap of the last 4 years of development.

New Patreon wallpaper up:

The sharp-eyed will have noticed I put this shot into a poll last month - but here it is as an official wallpaper. The new academy ship class “La Libélula” should be in the next patch.

Chapter 13 of Odatria is up:

Since my laptop keyboard is too broken to do much, I did some simple anims in Godot for the new academy ship.