Current Info on Smugglers

Here’s our current trailer for Smugglers of Cygnus

The game is currently slated to have a free demo released in 2022.


2020-07-03: Overall game state
Species 1 is about 50% done.
Species 2 placeholders done.
Engineering, Navigation, and Command proof of concepts are done.
Next up: Flight :rocket:


05 July 2020

Backstories for four independent playable Cygnus galaxy species are done and will be fleshed (hammered for the AIs) out over the coming weeks.

Connections between the Cygnus Galaxy of Games (CGG) titles are being developed.

Character attributes for the four playable species are in the queue.


2020-10-11: Overall game state
Species 1 is about 60% done.
Species 2 is about 10% done.
Flight system is done! Full physics allowing damage, engine upgrades, weight/loading complexity, and hands-on/hands-off flight controls.
Next up: Species 1 set pieces