September Cygnus Pizza Race Tourney

Signups are now open for the race September 18-19!
Sign up now for this month’s race, and compete against the hottest racers for the coolest prizes.

Track voting ended Tuesday, September 14th.
Racers can start racing the voted tracks starting Wednesday, September 15th. Signups end Thursday, September 16th, and brackets will be announced on the Saturday the 18th! Qualifier times need to be posted by 10am Eastern time on Saturday the 18th.

For beings just joining us, let’s go over the rules:

  • Post below or contact us on twitter to sign up
  • Share the track list below so that everyone can vote on tracks for the racers to compete on. They will be run in the order of votes . 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tracks will be run in that order , etc.
  • You can start submitting qualifier times as early as September 15th.
  • Before submitting times, go into Settings → Reset Track Times, as it’ll be easier to collect your track times and prevent past times from obscuring your results.
  • Race those tracks all you want , and get those great race times! Make sure to screenshot your times and post them to this thread.
  • Post your best times for the tracks to this thread to make sure they count!
  • FINAL TIMES FOR ALL TRACKS must be posted by Sunday Morning, 10am Eastern Time.
  • The FINALISTS will be contacted to arrange a costream Sunday (at a mutually good time), and then the final race is a head-to-head costream, best 3 out of 5 … on the brand new track!. The final will be held on Sunday September 19th.
  • The top 8 times on the qualifying track will go to the semifinals to race in the bracketed competition.
  • Patreon backers will have an opportunity to request a single bracket reshuffle.

What good is a contest without prizes?

Well, here’s what you’re competing for!

  • Every official contestant gets stickers only available to tourney racers.
  • The winner gets an official Cygnus Pizza Race hat, as seen in game (and not for sale), an in-game decal for their ship (of their own graphic), a pizza, and automatic entry into the Tournament of Champions where they will compete for a paid voice role in Smugglers of Cygnus .

Tournament results:

  • Qualifier Track: Track 17, Orion!

Qualifier results:

Current Standings - updated regularly:

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I’m in! Let’s GOOOO!!



Fantastic! Can’t wait to see you race!

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im in lets do this, for the win Daytona!!!


Remember to vote now for your favorite tracks!
This month, the most popular track will again become the qualifier!

Choose your 4 favorite tracks for the tournament:
  • Track 1
  • Track 2
  • Track 3
  • Track 4
  • Track 5
  • Track 6
  • Track 7
  • Track 8
  • Track 9
  • Track 10
  • Track 11
  • Track 12
  • Track 13
  • Track 14
  • Track 15
  • Track 16
  • Track 17

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Let’s meet the tracks!

Level 1 , the CPF Single Topping. A simple and fast oval race track:

Level 2 , Solaxis Track 1. This is a winding track through the sunny sands with a few popups and curves:

Level 3 , Klaatu Omega Track 1. The harsh light of the gas giant casts a blue light on this winding and technical track:

Level 4 , CPF Mega with Everything. A super tight track inside the hangar bay of a ship of the mammoth pizza delivery fleet:

Level 5 , Solaxis Track 2. Back to Solaxis for a race across red sands with long straightaways for very high speeds and a few tight turns to keep you on your toes:

Level 6 , Solaxis Track 3. Winding, complicated curves interspersed with breakneak straightaways make a track where one mistake can make or break your race:

Level 7 , Klaatu Omega Track 2. Hairpin turns and elevation changes require precision control of the turbo and airbrakes:

Level 8 , Solaxis Track 4. The lead you build in the corkscrew can be lost in a moment on the tight switchback climb to the summit:

Level 9 , the Mathesar Belt. Dodging asteroids and attempting to collect toppings in the cockpit of the fastest ship in the Cygnus Pizza Delivery Fleet is a huge challenge, and a moment’s lapse can result in a humiliating 50 point run:

Level 10 , the dreaded Proteinosphere. Designed as a test track for handling and performance, this track barely clings to the surface of an asteroid and requires absolute concentration and mastery to cross the line with even one topping:

Level 11 , Polaris Track 1. The first exciting track of Season 2, this is a high-speed dash through a snowy landscape with a few light curves and one extreme hairpin where races are won or lost:

Level 12, Polaris Track 2. The qualifying track for the April tournament and the second track of Season 2, this arcade-inspired track has a shortcut, a jump, and some pretty rough surprises in store for the unwary! Proceed with caution and all speed!

Level 13, Vulcan. The final track of the April tourney, this race track is all about timing and awareness. Racing on a live volcano on a newly formed planet is too hot for most!

Level 14, Luminos Station. This track on the beautiful but very popular luxury station orbiting the beautiful vacation planet Luminos, in the stunning Vita System is a bit congested with traffic.

Level 15 Luminos Track 1. Luminos, Jewel of the Vita System has a fantastic track with some great sights, but it seems that the hatch has been left off the maintenance tunnel.

Level 16 Giordano. Giordano is the luxury low-G vacation destination and fun spa known for its junior pizza race track and the wild low gravity hijinks that people love to engage in. If you venture into the huge parking garage, remember where you parked!

Level 17 Orion. The mineral and material rich asteroid belt provides ample opportunities for pilots to showcase their precise piloting as they handle this incredibly challenging track.

Six of the final eight MCs fill out the Cygnus Pizza Corp’s Winner’s Circle in September:

racer portrait
HourADayGamer has retired to the wealth and prestige of the intergalactic sports commentator circuit after his two back-to-back wins. He’ll be back for the Tournament of Champions, but don’t worry, I’m sure he will post his insight (and track times) to inspire the other racers this month. As a retired champion, he was in a position to help refine the track and help us prepare it for the big event.
Catch his streams on twitch!

racer portrait
Indiana Crohns, the man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. He took the tracks by storm in the April tourney, with a fiery win on track 13. He will be back to claim the ultimate prize in the Tournament of Champions - but don’t worry, he will also share his encouragement, critiques, and phenomenal track times with this month’s racers!
Come hang out and see his amazing plague doctor masks on Twitch

racer portrait
Purple Thiccmin is an indie variety streamer and speedrunner with a penchant for precision and a hunger for victory that was barely appeased when he planted @GardenOfIndie on May’s Track 14. Sure to have plenty of tips for fellow racers this month!
Catch his speed running skills on Twitch or on Glimesh!

racer portrait
Cardboard Tier is a dog-loving beard enthusiast with huge streaming skills and excellent race form. He put in great times every month finally climbing to victory on June’s fast and furious Track 15. He has at last proved to everyone that when it comes to racing, his tier is Epic.
Check him out on Twitch!

racer portrait
Commodore L1L F3LL4 is part wyvern, part man, part myth, and all speed. Tireless in his promotion of his fellow indies, he and his wife form an amazing team chasing the ultimate glory: the Cygnus Pizza hat. After an amazing victory in July where he wasn’t satisfied with winning just 3 races out of 5, but wanted to win the whole pie, he’s here now to help encourage the future champs.
Watch L1L_F3LL4 on twitch!

racer portrait
SnakeEyes319 is part ninja, part indie streamer, and part Racer X. He came to this tourney to deliver pizzas and chew gum, and when he ran out of gum there was nothing left to do but win.
Catch his great relaxed streams on Twitch!

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Time to meet the racers! As veteran racers opt in, we’ll update with their info.

racer portrait
GardenOfIndie is no stranger to intense racing! After dismissing the famed Proteinosphere as too easy and obliterating some of Season 1’s best tracks, he decided that it was time for a real challenge. Armed only with precision and a feline chewbacca, he’s going all the way. Only three people have a gold trophy on the dreaded track 10, and two of them are in the Winner’s Circle. Is there anything else these racers will have in common soon?
Check out his late night stream on Glimesh

racer portrait
Commodore FadedKamui is a huge supporter of indie games and a great streamer who streams on Glimesh . He has proclaimed his intent to dominate the tournament so be prepared for him to leave all of his great manners and niceness by the wayside - that’s just extra mass when he’s coming for the Pizza!

Watch his streams over on Glimesh and be prepared for a chill time.

racer portrait
Cronos Stampede is nothing if not a fighter, and he’ll be bringing his fighting spirit, indomitable flair, and quite possibly his beach wear back this month in his pursuit for delivery domination. He’s a loud voice for equality, and will be happy to leave everyone equally in his wake as he races to victory. And a cunning hat.
Catch his awesome streams on twitch!

racer portrait
NestingDolls is still fairly new to the tourney, but she’s got plenty of practice schooling noobs, and she’ll be out there with her two cute puppy copilots teaching the veteran racers that she’s got many layers and each one is better than the previous, like an onion. Or possibly a parfait.
Catch this parfait of pizza piloting precision on Twitch!

racer portrait
Suraruiso Gaming is fast, furious, and driven - on the track. Off track he’s a chill dude who just wants to play games and support his fellow vets and indies. After being sidelined in July, he’s back with a vengeance. Nothing will stop him from channeling the true power of the sloth to unlock the furious interdimensional speed available only to those who take their time.
Catch up with him on Twitch!

racer portrait
Reno219 is a variety streamer with a love of Smite - and Pizza! Don’t let his quiet persona fool you, under that relaxed attitude lies a need for speed and the heart of a champion. Reno219 is out for Pizza… and won’t let anyone stand in his way.
Check out his streams on Twitch and don’t forget to say hi!

racer portrait
EpicSyringe said it best in his bio:
“I’m a variety streamer with an emphasis on bodying bosses. And this month, I’ll be bodying the bosses of CPR. I heard they were tough, but I’m epicness incarnate. And nothing gets the better of me. You best be prepared Cyprus, the absolute legend has arrived!”
Follow him on Twitch to see the legend unfold!

racer portrait
Nekobun is a streamer, racer, and all around supporter of indie gaming. He raced hard in April, and is now back to take the crown as the season winds to a close!
You can catch Nekobun on Youtube or Twitch.

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Let’s meet the new racers!

racer portrait
Edallical is a variety streamer with a passion for ray tracing and a dedication to the dab. His streams are filled with good times, fun vibes, and more memes than you can fit in a mower. He’s come to the Cygnus galaxy in pursuit of a late pizza delivery, and he won’t stop until he’s tracked it down and taken home the proof that he’s the best.
Check out his fun streams on Glimesh!

racer portrait
Kriogenic is a variety streamer who mainly enjoys roguelikes and game randomizers. He also enjoys some healthy competition and when L1L_F3LL4 gifted him CPR, it was time to race.
Watch his great streams on Twitch!

racer portrait
The inspiration for making the fourth ship so slow that it can be lapped twice by a normal racer, Jess Alter reads far faster than she pilots a pizza racer ship. Despite knowing that she’d be faster getting out and pushing the ship, Jess is committed to bluster her way through the first hours of the championship with braggadoccio even as she comes in second (or third) against the A.I. racers.

racer portrait
Mytho is a developer, streamer, and pizza purist who is already famous for finding interesting ways to break the tracks. Let’s see if he can break the speed record this time!
Check out Mytho’s awesome dev streams on Glimesh!

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I’m in, lets raaaaccceee!


Fantastic! Feel free to create a racer bio if you like.
Welcome to the tourney! May the :pizza: be with you!

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Let’s gooo, I am ready to rumble


Happy to see you back and feeling good! You’re going to tear up the tracks this month for sure.

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Count me in again cant’ wait to see the competition this month!@


Added! Stoked to see you race again :pizza: :rocket:

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You know I’m ready to rock and roll. Let’s go! :slight_smile:


Heck yea! Adding you to the list. This is going to be awesome!

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Feel free to add or change what you like, I am terrible with writing things but heres what I got

Kriogenic is a variety streamer who mainly enjoys roguelikes and game randomizers. He also enjoys some healthy competition and when L1L_F3LL4 gifted him CPR, it was time to race.


Added it. I think it’s a great bio :slight_smile:

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Track voting ends tomorrow, September 14th! Everyone remember to vote for the tracks you want to see in the tourney!


Okay, so I’m officially unofficial. Here’s my bio:

The inspiration for making the fourth ship so slow that it can be lapped twice by a normal racer, Jess Alter reads far faster than she pilots a pizza racer ship. Despite knowing that she’d be faster getting out and pushing the ship, Jess is committed to bluster her way through the first hours of the championship with braggadoccio even as she comes in second (or third) against the A.I. racers.