Current Info on Smugglers

We’ve now got an “alpha ready” Spectre. It’s not perfect and it’s not “done”, but it’s good enough to put in the game for players.
Time to move on to the interior of the station!
As always, the ship is vertex color based so the players can adjust the color of the armor, the hull, the wings, the engines, the contrast pieces, all that. Initially it will be available with just one engine configuration (not several, like the Toro) but that may change later. It does have some neat stuff like a big rear loading bay and configurable mission-specific pylons.


Happy to update that the alpha team now has a bleeding edge flyable test build to to get opinions and FPS info on.

This new test build includes a new much higher res HDRI backdrop, SDFGI, and the new Godot 4 RC 6 as well as a ship that can be piloted around to see how the lighting and scene looks from more angles.

The feedback will be immediately integrated.

And now with the planet coming along, as well as the camera controls.
Early indications are that we’re still doing fine on FPS on Steam Deck and 1650ti, waiting for more results.

Chapter 19 of Final Lap by @JustJess is now up on the patreon!

@edallical has shared a quick short from the first pre-alpha Godot build:

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March update stream: March 2023 Longplay Games Smugglers Update - YouTube

This time in Godot it took under 24 hours to rebuild the Job Board, which took the month of February on UE4.

Started work on the Job and Mission system, that’s proceeding rapidly right now.
I’ll update with some screenshots when there’s something more to show.

Just to make sure my testing is reasonably comprehensive:

UI running at 1024x768 (via wine emulated desktop sizing):



The very important Steamdeck resolution of 1280x800:

And now the native scaling base of 16x9 at 1600x900:

1920x1080, the ideal 1080p resolution:

Got confirmation dialogs for taking jobs, for replacing jobs all set, got the destination triggers started and all that.

Shouldn’t be too far out from being able to get jobs and complete them.

Viewport scaling tweaks now done to improve the resolution scaling further.

The job system is now implemented, and you can now chain jobs together. Jobs can be taken any time from the tablet (accessible via ctrl key - soon to be gamepad enabled)

The UI element for the destination works just like it did previously. You can click on the “i” or gamepad key equiv to bring up the job info on your tablet as well.

A test binary is uploading for backers right now.

Moon Alpha 1 Minor has been added, collisions set up, and testing with the backers is in progress!
Controls are left stick/arrow keys for movement, right stick or mouse to look around, 1 and 2 for incr/decr thrust (should also be the shoulder buttons on the gamepad), z/c or the triggers to roll, ctrl button to open/close the tablet for the job window.

@edallical did a great fly through first look at the current alpha on his youtube channel:

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Thank you for the reminder @edallical!
The controls are now back on the screen for the first 30s where they belong

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oh nice anytime sir :100: :sunglasses:

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And the menu screen is back!

Job screen is done for now:

And the soundtrack is now back in the game!

With the new Ship Shop you can make some pretty bold fashion statements!

Ship Shop - for all your ship customizing needs: